Monday, May 09, 2005

"One thing that is lacking in that game is the ability to tip the board over in a childish tantrum and the computer doesn't feel it necessary to buy you an ice cream to stop you from crying."

I should never have installed electronic Scrabble on my laptop. I think there will be many, many, many nights of aggressive wordplay and screaming at the injustice of my computer opponent once again defeating me with "bi", "tai" and "de" whilst I am not allowed to put down "nu" or "ew".

Bastards. I was beaten by 3 points in my final, eye-watering, tooth-grinding game of the weekend but couldn't start a rematch as the sky was beginning to get light and I remembered I had work to go to.

In other news, we had a lovely, lovely evening with Devukha, whiling away the Saturday evening with gin, takeaway curries, (real) Scrabble and a kerr-razy board game about dictatorship called Junta, which we played with an impromptu Carry On style smutty commentary. I had the Marines and the First Battalion under me at one stage. They were both rubbish.

And then the next evening, we were off to North London for rabbit pie and blender goodies, with our fellow smug almost-married friends - good food, nice wine and excellent company to round off a really rather nice weekend.

Oh, and... Madrid. I hear it's quite nice.