Monday, September 30, 2002


Started new job today and am quite pleased with everything. But slightly too overwhelmed to comment at the moment: there is an Avid editing suite, a Final Cut pro suite, a stack of ibooks and a whole room full of double monitored G4s, plus a few projects such as Women in Broadcasting and Into Action, a web and computer skill building project for asylum seekers and refugees. Caught myself drooling and had to slap my own wrist several times as I was led around the various media suites. I think I have discovered yet another Happy Place. As it is, I have a 9am start tomorrow and will have to face yet another BASTARD TUBE STRIKE in the evening and the following day - but even though I know I should get some rest, I still can't sleep.

Have tried counting sheep but I keep thinking of interesting ways to edit their leaps over the fence when I finally apply my itching fingers to the interesting bits of equipment I will be working with everyday from now on.

Baa. (Cut!)

Sunday, September 29, 2002


Donc celui était aujourd'hui de ces jours qui sont seulement subitement grand. Est allé au Royal Court voir le stupéfiant nouveau pièce par Caryl Churchill, A Number. Alors avait un premier dîner avec Andrew et Tom avant d'allant à du sud Kensington rencontrer ma soeur, son fiancé et l'ami de son fiancé. A passé quelques heures buvant et avoir un intense conversation de l'avenir, notre autre soeur et notre frère, notre nombreux cousins et tantes et oncles, l'importance d'enseignement notre avenir enfants les Chinois, transférant à France et autre profond et merveilleux choses. Alors nous aussi ont été bu cuisiner si nous a reçu takeaways et regardé Christophe chante et danse à vieux français albums alors a pris un autobus a la maison. Et le radio a vintage Nirvana seulement joué. Un bon jour, véritablement.

Okay, I cheated and had some help translating my appalling French into readable French via Free Translation

And this is what I said when the French is translated back into English:

Therefore the one was today of these days that are only suddenly big. Went to the Royal Short one to see stunning it new piece by Caryl Churchill, HAS Number. Then had a first dinner with Andrew and Tom before of avenue to south Kensington to meet my sister, his fiance and the friend of his fiance. To passed some hours drinking and have an excessive conversation of the future, our other sister and our brother, our numerous cousins and aunts and uncles, teaching importance our future children the Chinese, transferring to France and other deep and wonderful things. Then we also were drunk to cook if we received takeaways and looked at Christophe sings and dances to French old albums then took a bus has the house. And the radio has vintage Nirvana only played. A good day, truly.

Hmmm. Makes a lot of sense at this point in the morning. Or should I say "good moaning. I was jost pissing by" a la 'allo, 'allo

Friday, September 27, 2002


Just discovered the most amazing shop called Joy on Coldharbour Lane: it is truly a pleasure dome of the kitsch and useless. I will, of course, be spending a lot of time and money in there: a girl can't have too many plastic flower shower curtains and shot glasses decorated with slogans such as "I'm on my period, therefore I have legal rights to kill you." Oh, this place and the little stall that sells stick on, glow in the dark holy water stoops and rhinestone crucifixes in the market are just full of mindless birthday presents for my unsuspecting friends and family. Blissssssssss.

Thursday, September 26, 2002


Last night I went to Mouse vs Supermouse?, a talk at the ICA (my current favourite place on earth) on the future of comic books with a panel that included Dave McKean, my very favourite artist ever. He is responsible for all the amazing and spooky Sandman covers and the artwork for other Neil Gaiman non-Endless graphic novels. However because of the BASTARD TUBE STRIKE I was stuck on a bus in a godawful traffic jame for the duration of the talk and only caught the 20 minute Q&A at the end. Got quite alot out of it but was not the same as actually having heard the debate. Bah.

Still, am on a break at the moment and in a super relaxed holiday mood so was surprisingly mellow about the whole thing. Ended up walking across a beautifully moonlit St James Park to see a friend in Victoria and ended up staying up all night watching The League of Gentlemen on DVD - the whole first series. Had a bottle of wine to myself and was unable to go home - which I couldn't do anyway because of the BASTARD TUBE STRIKE.

So, due to the BASTARD TUBE STRIKE I missed the best part of a talk I was really looking forward to but ended up having a great night, including several Royston Vasey induced dreams and a really very nice pizza. Funny how things work out, yah?

Watched the Simpsons, Buffy, Faking It Changed my Life and the first episode of the new League of Gentlemen series this evening. Sod achingly hip contemporary arts: TV, I love you. If it was legal and my family would accept it, I would marry the little TV set we have in our living room and quite happily spend all my time in bed, lying there, just watching it, like an old perv. No, married life wouldn't change me much, clearly...

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I am currently listening to Zoe Ball on Xfm (a radio station I have just rediscovered and am really enjoying along with the late lounge on Jazzfm which seems to be a blip in their usual scheduling as it plays trendy chillout music at the perfect wind down hours between 11pm and 1am instead of the insane elevator music they seem to play during the day) and she is driving me insane. They've also just played Radiohead - some godawful headache-inducing, atonal crap from the unbelievably successful Kid A album - why? Why??? It's so deliberately unpleasant! It's so fucking self-indulgent! "We don't like tunes, because tunes are commercial and capitalist, so here' s an hour's worth of music to have a migraine to." Bleurgh. Must find something else to listen to as soundtrack to a day I am happily wasting by not doing very much at all.

The whole of London seems to be enjoying this tube strike: no one seems to have gone into work, or else has but went on a very pleasant boat trip into the Docklands. Glad I'm on holiday and am at leisure, therefore, to stand at overcrowded bus stops, watching overloaded buses go by as I stand around trying to make the most of my time off. Fun, fun and more (or less) fun...

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Well, here I am, exposing myself on the web. This blog, I know even now, will not be about the weird and wonderful of the web so forgive the lack of links; however, there will be roadsigns and fingerposts to whatever has caught my eye, has made me laugh or rant or goggle in disbelief.

Although I've been voyeur to several blogs in the last few months and have generally enjoyed the world of blogs and livejournals, I've not actually maintained one myself. There will no doubt be some hold ups, pile ups, congestion, bottlenecks, roadblocks, traffic cones, old senile people crossing really slowly whilst laden with shopping, joyriding and bicycles in the bus lane, there may even be only one lane open and that will probably go the way you really don't want to go - but hopefully no fatal crashes. Just be patient and don't toot your horns if this thing doesn't go fast enough or traffic seems slow and dull: we'll all get there in the end. Gods of the highway, please look after us.

First entry and I'm already rambling. Hey, I'm learning this blogging business pretty damn fast!

Hypatia Avenue: very street.