Thursday, July 24, 2003

"You sub-editors... you're all subnormal..."
Since my last entry here, things at work have... not exactly improved but changed muchly. And not necessarily in good ways as I seem to be swamped with a multitude of aimless and frustrating tasks but at least Graphics Guy is back, albeit with his crotch-dancing joie de vivre wiped out of him. Home life is still amusing and Nice, as is the darling Taxloss and our early rising flatmate. Also...
1) went to see new friend Velvet Goldmine from the dinner party on June 26, play in The Telegraph in Brixton. His band The Trap are a good live act to witness. The evening was officially declared A Cracking Good Time
2) went for dinner with Taxloss and his workmates last night and had what was officially Another Cracking Good (Vegan, Gluten, Wheat, Dairy Free) Time. Thank you Deputy, Sundried, Lentil and Taxloss for inviting me - and cuddles to Ringo for being such a good kitty, who's a good kitty? You're a good kitty! Yes you are, you are a good kitty! etc. See him can-can as a kitten
3) I have grown to resent and detest my job and the woman I work for.
4) still living with Taxloss
5) have started my monthly shedding of womb lining and I WANT EVERYONE I HATE TO DIE, RIGHT NOW, IN PAIN, SLOWLY.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Things have taken a rather dramatic turn at work with raised voices, disciplinary hearings and an atmosphere in which everyone feels obliged to tiptoe around quietly and not make eye contact with one another. :: sigh :: And still settling into the new flat; I promise I *will* settle, Taxloss, just gimme some time and more space for my shoes! So this week has been exhausting and draining and unsettled in more ways than one and I am currently sitting at my desk wanting to cry. The proximity of the weekend is the only thing stopping these pesky tears...

Still, am blogging and surfing away my blues and enjoying some hentai, listening to some cool, uninterrupted music and wasting mine and my BigBro's time in IM.

Am looking forward to next week, a new start and so on after plenty of sleep and some intense Tidying Up and Sorting Out. And some good lovin', of course. That should sort me out.

Big smiles and bright faces when I next write here, I promise... leave things in the comment boxes to cheer me up, if you so will...

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

"Who was the first person you ever slept with?"
Apparently it was necessary for the CEO to know in order to set up an account in my name, with this as the security question, to access some sort of website. I am, frankly, suspicious...(if you really want to know, click the link and ask me via email...)

I have moved in with Taxloss - rather than enlist any of my relatives who are surely by now thoroughly sick of helping me move between places, I hired two lovely men and their generously sized van to help me get from A to B. Both men were Indian and conversed with each other in Urdu - then the younger one completely surprised me by asking me where I came from and on hearing I originated from Hong Kong, immediately launched into conversation in perfect Cantonese. I was impressed and then ashamed that I couldn't keep up...

I can't comment on the move overall at the moment as I am at risk of being overwhelmed by the whole thing, though I will take this opportunity to say: it is very pleasant. We have been enjoying dinner on the patio in the cooling evenings ofthe recent hot, hot days. I no longer have to pass through the huddled masses of crack/smack/dope casualties on the way to the Tube station in the mornings. Nobody tries to sell me a used Travelcard at any point of my journey to or from work. All my books have been put away as have my CDs - I've taken this opportunity to re-read and re-listen to stuff I'd forgotten I owned. We've been having strange conversations about splitting the shopping, who will cook and who will wash up most evenings. I wake up and still think I've got to get ready and go back to my old flat to Get Things Done. This is no longer an option. Ah...

In other news, the weather is very hot. Very hot. Very, very, very hot. CEO, as well as shouting out suspiciously intrusive questions across the openplan office, has been stocking up the communal fridge/freezer with ice lollies and fizzy pop and therefore the team overall have been sitting at our respective desks, clutching our heads with woebegone ice cream headaches. Oh, life is *so* hard...

Monday, July 07, 2003

" could attack the fat one with clumps of that cholesterol lowering margerine: it would melt her like water on the wicked witch of the west a la Wizard of Oz..."
*Ahem* Additional photos of our time in France - supplementary to the photos I've linked to previously, therefore these particular ones are mainly of kids and people milling about.

Oh, and some graduation pictures, as promised, in which I look generally horrible and from some angles, offensively awful. But, hey, the folks look pleased which was probably always going to be the most important part of the event...

In other news: I've had my haircut. I've finished the Harry Potter book. I've discovered that Jessops can develop your standard 35mm films as normal AND digitise all the pics and put them on PhotoCD for a minimal extra charge - Woo! And I've done absolutely no fucking work all day, except IM with my BigBro, upload photos for your viewing pleasure, email people and eat ridiculous amounts of organic houmous at my desk. Woo. And YAY.

Friday, July 04, 2003

"It's Friday... of course we're not doing any frickin' work..."
Yah, I know it's lazy blogging to just copy and paste IM but as this blog seems to be a log of my activities it's the best way available to me for conveying just what I do all day. Oh, how office larks have imporved since the arrival of some speakers and the availability of Realplayer...

Hypatia says: help me!!! Graphics Guy is dancing in the back office holding his crotch!!! make him stop!!!
Colleague 1 says: I dont think I want to - im coming in to see
Hypatia says: no!!! you'll go blind
Hypatia says: wait - I'll let you know when he's grabbing himself and hopping about again...
Colleague 1 says: I'm on orange alert and ready to move at your command
Hypatia says: standby...
Colleague 2 says: r we going for a drink tonight
Hypatia says: ummm... dunno. Are you asking me out on a date? I've got a boyfriend you know
Colleague 2 says: if i was you asking you out and a date i would not do it with Colleague 1 in the conversenation aswell
Hypatia says: oh, I see. You're trying to make us fight over you? That's sick.
Hypatia says: Colleague 2 actually asked Graphics Guy out for a drink first but he's not on messenger - and he turned Colleague 2 down!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Colleague 1 says: Colleague 2 you cant have us both - its decision time
Colleague 2 says: how dare you you know Graphics Guy only as eyes for you
Colleague 2 says: i greedy
Hypatia says: WHICH ONE???
Colleague 2 says: i am greedy
Colleague 1 says: iTS ME OR HER
Colleague 2 says: i choose......
Hypatia says: Let me point out to Colleague 2 that Colleague 1 is the vegetarian option
Hypatia says: I come with Chinese ribs
Colleague 1 says: thats right - im 100% organic
Hypatia says: careful with your spelling there, girlie
Colleague 1 says: lol
Colleague 2 says: cat fight
Hypatia says: let's not fight with false advertising tee hee
Colleague 2 says: o.k
Colleague 2 says: r Colleague 1 and Hypatia going for a drink aftter work
Hypatia says: without you Colleague 2 - we've decided we're not going to fight over you and run away together instead
Colleague 2 says: nooooooooooooooooooooo not again

Oh dear: there are biscuits in the room and the new Weebl cartoon is up, some very funky d'n'b is playing and the drinks are beckoning. Like, I'm gonna do any work, ever. yeah. ::grabs crotch and starts dancing::

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

"So what do you do at work all day?"
Hypatia says: :: boggles :: can you see the future?
Andrew says: oh yes
Hypatia says: okay, tell me what I'm going to do with the banana, two plums and shirvelled passion fruit on my desk
Andrew says: make amusing images of genitalia and email them to me
Andrew says: you have a scanner right?
Hypatia says: Wow, you really *can* see future!
Andrew says: it came to me the moment you said plums
Hypatia says: plumsplumsplums
Andrew says: oo stop it you're just turning me on now
Hypatia says: have got office graphics designer guy on case re: the fruit
Hypatia says: hang on...
Hypatia says: oh, he's just eaten some of it
Hypatia says: damn
Andrew says: gah
Andrew says: didn't he know there was a higher purpose at stake
Hypatia says: well, he of all people I thought would understand the importance of art

Well, after that fruitful (fnar) morning of hard slog in the office, I ate the banana. I was hungry. I'm sorry: you just can't be a starving artist if you happen to make "art" out of fruit.

In other news, graphics guy has now moved to the desk opposite me and works on a very sexy Powerbook, through which he blasts out music on iTunes - and Realplayer! I can finally hear that set by The Necks on BBC Radio 3! We can watch movie trailers! We can view the new Weebl cartoons with sound! Woo! YAY! Graphics guy also wears the most intoxicating and mind-bending men's fragrances that are sometimes, often when he wears incredibly tight and artfully deconstructed FCUK t-shirts, quite distracting.

Ah. What can I say? Plums.