Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sleep Standing Up - You Can Do It On the Bus Coming Over Here

I’ve been busy. Everyone is busy. I’ve been very busy. Certainly giddy. Almost breathless. Shall I tell you what I realised when I met a friend last week? We hadn’t seen each other since the start of summer so we had a lot of news to share. He had been in Edinburgh and had won awards for a play, was embarking on an opera discovery and was continuing his usual business. As for me…

… I had changed my name

… I had moved house

… I had started my critical writing programme and was fully immersed in conferences, interviews, festivals, theatre and countless performances, each one a story in itself

… I had taken up part-time work at a private hospital and was learning Arabic

… I had dropped my Spanish classes in order to keep evenings free for even more theatre-going

… I had been to France to visit my brand new niece

… I had been to Falmouth, Cornwall to have a great time at a friend’s wedding

… I had been to Great Dunmow, Essex to have a great time at my cousin’s wedding where I was unexpectedly reunited with my old friend and former boss Chinese Elvis

… I had been to a big wedding banquet at the same restaurant where I had hosted my own wedding banquet the year before

… I had designed and hosted a Londonist pub quiz

… I had almost become a magician’s assistant but it didn’t work out

… I had almost become a worker at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club but it didn’t work out

… I had been busy.

I told you.

I will continue to tell you. With photos. Watch this space.

And watch my ongoing list of where I'm going to be that turns into a list of where I have been faster than I can update it. To your left, or to Facebook where I seem to be spending a lot of time.