Monday, September 10, 2007

"A Very Ugly Picture"

Story #0812 has been written, performed and archived. Though the live performance was not recorded or archived, the text is available.

You must make it brighter. Clouds are not black. They might sometimes be very, very dark grey but never, ever black.


1,001 Nights Cast
For those who are interested and those who are able to tune in, I will be writing performance #0812, due to be broadcast as a live webcast at 19.27, sunset, London time. This is an extraordinary durational performance by Barbara Campbell, consisting of 1,001 short performances broadcast as live webcasts at sunset each evening, for 1,001 consecutive nights. Each performance is written for Barbara with a prompt she has chosen that day from newspaper reports on the Middle East. On Monday 10 September, I will be the writer.
Learn more about the 1,001 Nights Cast here.
I'm looking forward to this enormously. Hope you are too.