Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Well, here I am, exposing myself on the web. This blog, I know even now, will not be about the weird and wonderful of the web so forgive the lack of links; however, there will be roadsigns and fingerposts to whatever has caught my eye, has made me laugh or rant or goggle in disbelief.

Although I've been voyeur to several blogs in the last few months and have generally enjoyed the world of blogs and livejournals, I've not actually maintained one myself. There will no doubt be some hold ups, pile ups, congestion, bottlenecks, roadblocks, traffic cones, old senile people crossing really slowly whilst laden with shopping, joyriding and bicycles in the bus lane, there may even be only one lane open and that will probably go the way you really don't want to go - but hopefully no fatal crashes. Just be patient and don't toot your horns if this thing doesn't go fast enough or traffic seems slow and dull: we'll all get there in the end. Gods of the highway, please look after us.

First entry and I'm already rambling. Hey, I'm learning this blogging business pretty damn fast!

Hypatia Avenue: very street.

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