Thursday, October 31, 2002

Because of the literal and figurative upstairs/downstairs layout of our office, and because using phones is just so last decade, we use Instant Messenger a lot to communicate. It’s fast and informal and doesn’t precipitate the formalities of picking up the phone, dedicating your attention to the one conversation, remembering to say hello and goodbye in a nice way, having to spell names or enunciate numbers and so on. However, it is not without the gaffes and pitfalls of speech, as I’ve just found out: somehow, in a fairly serious and urgent exchange with the CEO, I managed to stick my tongue out at her. She promptly gave me a frowning face (in lieu of a “sticking two fingers up at you” emoticon?”) at which I was obliged to apologise. With a little smiley face. Hmm. Office chortles in cyber space, its something to get used to. ;-p

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