Wednesday, December 04, 2002

"The fact that we value money not for itself but for what it brings is one reason why even the most venal among us can declare truthfully, with hand on heart, that money is not so important. there are indeed a great many more things in life than money, and it is money that gives us access to most of them." - Terry Eagleton, The Gatekeeper
Very true words as usual from the great cultural theorist. But this is all free. Keep an eye out for these particular flyposters - they're art but you wouldn't know it, since we are bombarded with the inanity of the flyposter wherever we look in this blessed city. What is especially cool about this visual assault (all entirely free of charge, of course) is the contact number on the bottom of each poster: you get a text message with info on the artwork and designer. I've yet to try this since I've not actually spotted any of these due to my appalling eyesight and general inability to look around me as I walk along (hey- I grew up here; I keep my eyes down okay?). Watch out for lampposts!

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