Wednesday, December 11, 2002

"In between mugging little old ladies and joyriding, I once built my own crack den out of fuzzy felt. It was so nice... so warm... so fuzzy." - on comparing my childhood with others who had joined the Brownies and Girl Scouts, including one who was asked to leave because she sewed her bobble hat wrong.
And how did I have time to recall the days of my youth yesterday? And get some Christmas shopping done? And fall asleep on the sofa the second the Simpsons finished to wake only in time for dinner, after which I went back to sleep?

Well, it's all thanks to the totally unexpected and totally unexplained powercut we experienced in the office yesterday morning at about 11am. The place just...stopped. We took all the students across the road to the cafe and had a round of coffees in a hlaf-arsed effort to wait for the power to come back on but 1) it didn't come back on and 2) no-one was really in the mood to go back anyway since we followed security procedures and had locked up the whole place. So after an hour and a half at work, we all went our separate ways and I had a merry lunch and shopping trip with Mumsy. Who isn't aware I am Peter Pan, a boy in tights. Please don't tell her Big Brother!

I was horrified while shopping: I can't bear Christmas decorations - garish and tasteless and completely useless, they don't even manage to look good, which is surely the point of decorations. And the damn tinsel, baubles and frankly shite cuddly musical Santas disturbed me beyond my usual intolerance of bright useless objects that sit around the house looking crap.

Still, the Christmas spirit, if not the Christmas look, has entered my soul and I am looking forward to it all. I just have to let out the occasional "Humbug!". So...


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