Monday, December 16, 2002

"your head come on is dead and gone
it might as well be said so long
it's suds and soda a brain decoder
and can i wait for my denoter"
- dEUS Suds and Soda from their gloriously nutty Belgian art-rock album Worst Case Scenario
My head is indeed quite dead: I have succumbed to illness again and am suffering some kind of dreadful ear, nose and throat infection which is very painful, messy and unpleasant. And of course, just in time for Christmas.

To halt this blog from turning into a flu diary once more (god, how fucking tragic to be doing that again so soon), let me recount a conversation I had on entering the office this morning:

"How are you?"
"Not very well. How are you?"
"I feel bloody awful. I was ill all of Saturday. How much did we drink on Friday?"
(Pause) "I don't know. Quite a lot I suppose. How long were we there for?"
"Till closing time I think. They kept asking us to leave."
"But... but I got home before 11pm."
"How did that happen?"
"I don't know. I did run for a bit, down the high street. I thought it was...funny. maybe i got home quicker that way. Did I fall over? I've got a bruise on my knee."
"Oh. I didn't see that. Did I get into a fight with that man?"
"What man? Did you have a fight?"
(pause) " Maybe we got kicked out."
(Pause)"Ah... that could be it."

Oh, those water cooler moments...

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