Wednesday, January 22, 2003

"Zon Lap Ji Dan Bay Nei Bowl Tong" - [lit. give you a bullet for making soup], one way to say "I'm going to shoot you" in Hong Kong.
Well, I wasn't talking fei wah (literally "crippled statement" - bullshit) in my last entry, I would rather dam see hmm tau sic (literally "I would rather transport sewage than steal") than mislead anyone about my intentions. I really do mean to expand my Cantonese and have found some delightful resources for this purpose online, including a few with sound clips to hear the correct inflections for a phrase. Thus, I can can say with confidence that work is currently ho fan ah (very busy) and regarding the fire brigade going on strike again, I say to their stinking Union leader: ding nei gor fei (literally "support your lungs" - meaning something along the lines of - "I would rather condescend myself to act as the support for your sorry pair of sickening lungs than to back up you pathetic strike action, you greedy, selfish, inconsiderate fuckers") The whole situation is lei sai po (utterly ridiculous) indeed.

Well, have we all learnt something today? Good.

In other news, I have a work experience girl to look after, which is a rum do since I am still on probation myself here. I've been a work experience girl myself far more times than I care to remember but hopefully, seeing as I am experienced at having work experience, I'll be able to take care of her without demeaning/ overworking/ patronising or demoralising her.

Hai gum seen (That's all for now...)

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