Monday, February 03, 2003

“That’s the worst of girls,” said Edmund to Peter and the Dwarf. “They never carry a map in their heads.”
“That’s because our heads have something inside them,” said Lucy.
- from Prince Caspian in the Narnia series by C S Lewis.
An eventful weekend.


Called an old friend from my late teens while at work, ostensibly about a film festival she’s planning but really to catch up on news. And, oh, oh, oh, she has news: she’s engaged. I almost choked on my screams of surprise and delight - my ceaseless best wishes and blessings to you both!


Got a promotion (or at least a significant step sideways). Went out to see the “fireworks” on the Thames for Chinese New Year but missed them because I blinked. Ended up bar-hopping with Flatmates A and B and Former Flatmate G in a part of South East London that is full of unattractive men who are all, each and every one of them, unable to communicate with a group of unattached women without offending, boring or outstaying their welcome with them.
“ Hi, my name is Olaf.”
“And I am the Prince of Darkness!”
“No you’re not, you’re just a knob.”
“I’m Richard, I’m an IT consultant and this is my brother Tony who is a complete tosser.”
“We noticed, please - leave us alone. You’re wasting your money buying us shots of blue Aftershock, because 1) we’re not interested, 2) we’re really not interested and 3) we’re feeling embarrassed for you. Please stop.”

One of these unfortunate creatures followed us home and, I think, lived to see another day. I’m not sure as we put him in a corner and ignored him all night and when we all regained consciousness the next day, he was no longer there. I will check under the sofa later. Perhaps I will find our TV remote in my hunt for the errant man - a much more fruitful find as we would be able to find a use for the TV remote but not for the mystery man. Muahahahahahaha.


Met up with some friends from my mid-teens and caught up with their news - another engagement, a new and very pretty girlfriend, new job, new babies and new gossip on all the people we knew, travel plans, living plans, short reviews on all the years that have passed since we were all at school together. Lots of coffee, cakes and ice cream accompanied the catching up until we went our separate ways and I was introduced to August Dangerlove’s new computer. I have clearly been usurped in his league table of love interests but I vow to win back favour by speaking only in the language of Dungeon Keeper - “Your minions are under attack! Do you wish to save this game Y/N?”
After trying (and failing) to draw attention to myself, even though I have no built-in modem card or gaming capabilities, went to the parents’ for Chinese New Year dinner, where I ate too much, got lucky red envelopes and played with Girl Toddler until I almost fainted with exhaustion. Not only did I have to undo my belt during the meal, I also had to undo the zip on my fitted top - Papa is a retired cook, doncha know? I may eat my own body weight of his cooking every time I visit, but I am sure, dear reader, that you would too...


Cooked, cleaned, dragged home the world’s smallest yet heaviest weekly groceries, did more cleaning, fell asleep, went out for dinner and admired new computer.

A busy weekend, in the midst of what has been an extremely busy time ::sigh::

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