Friday, March 07, 2003

"...What the blinking flip is going on...?"
Oh my god!

We're being stormed by protesters! I don't know who they represent, I don't know what they are trying to say but the cars in the car park are getting trashed and we've asked all our students to stay in the classroom and to close all the windows. The group we've got in the edit suite is made up of people in exile and I'm worried some of them might be deeply upset by this. One colleague is a journalist in exile from the Balkans and can't bear raised voices in the office - this could be a very bad event indeed.

In this building alone we have the Kurdish association, Brazilian contemporary arts, Polish tranlsation service, the Iranian assoication, the Iraqi assoociation, the Ethiopian Advice and Support Centre, the Eritrean society, the Community transport group and our own media training groups made of people in exile.

There are cars and flags and people with megaphones stamping around the car park looking very aggressive...

...and I've just heard a police van pulling up.

Fuck. That ruins my plan to get a mid-morning doughnut from across the road.

Edit: Apparently, they were Kurds picking up their mates from the building and parading their delight at "war breaking out" and the chance for them to reclaim the land. They're following a really old, fucked up and taped up car - which apparently they're going to set fire to outside Downing Street today. We've called the police and they should be intercepted before anything goes horribly wrong. Any news footage you see tonight - that's our volunteer running out with a camera that just so happened to be set up for one of our classes and sending it straight through to BBC newsroom.

Holy fucking shit. You heard it here first.

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