Monday, March 03, 2003

"I have Lizzie's brain on my hands as well as on my trousers." - Andrew takes the dog for a walk in deadkidsongs
Diversions and roadworks have meant that the normal flow of brain-drool has been re-directed and soaked up by media other than this modest little sidestreet. However, since the congestion charge was introduced, I've managed to get back onto the Avenue in half the time I expected and am filling the gutters with the usual brainwater and tripe.

Since my last entry I have been mostly reading: deadkidsongs by Toby Litt. Like The Wasp Factory but instead of a solitary sadistic evil little shit, this book has a gang of four. It is now my current favourite book in the "Jesus, that's fucked up" genre.
Hot on the heels of deadkidsongs is Varjak Paw by SF Said. SF was Arts Editor when I was Literature editor of the student news and was great fun to work with; I was amazed and delighted with a surprisingly small amount of bitter-edged envy when I walked into the bookshop and saw a stack of his kung fu cat kid's story. It's coming along nicely; further reports to come. And how the blinking flip did he manage to get Dave McKean to illustrate his book? I am determined to find out...

In Other News, wedding and moving abroad plans for LittleBigSister have been occupying my time away from my books and has even affected my strict regime of Going To Work Then Coming Home, Cooking Dinner Then Watching TV With My Jaw Hanging Slack In Total Vegetable Form. I am still wearing contact lenses, my hair is getting longer, I have *another* lot of council tax to pay as well as my rent and I'm in work for Day 2 of training (this time with the board of trustees...ugh) next Saturday, when August Dangerlove turns 25. Interesting Times, my friends... these are interesting times.

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