Friday, May 30, 2003

"You know what it smells like in here? It smells like someone died after eating loads of boiled eggs and the corpse is rotting in a pile of horsehit."

9.00am Staff meeting.
9.30am At desk; remove all incriminating files saved on PC that I suddenly realised at 4am last night would get me sacked
9.45am Cigarette break
10.00am Start typing up minutes from the staff meeting in between emailing friends and bitching in IM with colleagues
10.55am Server goes down like a Hollywood ho on an Englishman, taking the internet connection and printer connection with it
11.10am Cigarette break in the sun. We notice the drains are blocked and start throwing out an evil smell.
11. 20am Server is confirmed as suffering from heat stroke. Half the office vacates to the shops to buy it an air conditioner
11.30am Evil smell proliferates our halted office. I discover old radio and plug it in and play with it while showing colleague how to fold flapping paper birds.
12.00pm Colleague successfully completes his first flapping paper bird. I play with the radio again. We close all the windows and doors because the drains smell as bad as the headline on this entry suggests and the chemical the caretaker chucks about to clear the mess smells possibly worse.
12.20pm Despite the smell, my hunger overcomes me and I have my lunch.
12.25pm The air conditioner is installed.
12.35pm Server comes back up. There's no excuse but to do some work.
12.50pm Fail to start any work.
1.00pm Go on the internet
1.20pm Notice that the smell has gone. Ponder cigarette break.Read blogs and emails
1.45pm Start blogging.
2.00pm Still blogging.

Would you believe that this is a relatively normal day for me? Like, pheh.

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