Thursday, June 26, 2003

"Please don't encourage me to open my mouth. Bad things might happen. Bad, bad things."
Woke up this morning and realised

1) Woman of Wales, newly returned to the British Isles from her sojourn aborad in Italy, was alseep next to me
2) I was still drunk
3) my alarm setting had wiped itself in the powercut yesterday and therefore hadn't gone off
4) I was late for work

I am now at work and I am

1) not drunk any more
2) not doing any work
3) drinking bright yellow lemon flavoured Resolve
4) trying not to be sick
5) dying

We had a barbecue at work last night to celebrate the work of our volunteers. It was great sitting in the sun, having drinks and basically relaxing together. I was due to go to a birthday dinner later and so determinedly did not eat anything. And I don't like beer so there was a bottle of wine for me, which I enjoyed almost entirely on my own. Then the event was wrapped up and I had just under an hour to kill before the next event so ended up sitting in The Chilean's kitchen, sharing a beer and watching the opening of Big Trouble in Little China, him packing for Glastonbury and me putting on my make-up. Then I was off to BlahBlahBlah for a gorgeous meal with gorgeous people, none more gorgeous than the birthday girl herself. Was quite entranced by the young man sitting next to me - he looked exactly like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and fronts a rock band. I've somehow committed myself to seeing him play his next gig, which for the life of me I cannot remember where, or when, though I will endeavour to be there. How very Velvet Goldmine of the both of us.
And then it was back to our flat with the Woman of Wales to stay up far too late chatting and catching up. All of which explains the green and wobbly state I'm in now. And... ohmygodit'snotevenlunchtimeyet. ::sobs::

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