Friday, October 17, 2003

"Hello, is that Hypatia? I've got some good news for you..."
... I got a new job. After letting me know I was up against one other person at some point in the afternoon, they ransacked me for references and spent the rest of the day chasing them up. God bless my referees - thank you both! They both came up trumps for me and after I spent the whole day putting files back in the wrong place with shaking hands, spilling tea all over myself and generally going white faced with fear and anxiety, I thought I was going to break under the strain and crawl weeping into a bundle of 9278452 - 9353452 files. And then I got the call... and I got the job.

Ah, must go and finish my champagne before it goes flat.

In other news, as my darling Taxloss can confirm, the new phrase of the household is... "you're twisting my melons man." And I've come to terms with my Little House on the Prairie obsession and am going to take up knitting. Yes, that's right: knitting. Who wants a scarf? Or... a scarf? or... you know, a scarf? No requests for anything more complex than that - I can only knit things that are straight and of one shape and length. But eventually i'll be able to put together lovely fuzzy gimp masks and crotchless ribbed catsuits, so I'll keep all you wool-fans posted, k?

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