Friday, November 14, 2003

"Oooh, it's so much better than the last place I worked..."
...which shouldn't be such a goddamn surprise as regular readers of the Avenue will know. Still, the new job is turning out to be really quite good; it is

1) very relaxed
2) friendly and supportive
3) to the point of being almost holistic - there is a weekly office pilates class where the central board table gets moved to one side and the pilates teacher pops up for an hour's intense stretching etc.
4) I'm working very near my bro who I can tap for lunch every time I'm hungover and/or broke (see you nearly everyday then, k?)
5) the office - which has the never-experienced before luxury of windows and my own desk, woo! - is only half an hour away from home and
6) I'm back in the world of live arts and back in touch with all the people and companies and organisations I used to know before I defected to new media (boo hiss etc)

Yep, all things considered, it's looking good.

In other news, am seeing this tonight which is terribly exciting and hopefully this sometime next week.

I am so cultured (and ethnic to boot) , it sometimes makes me want to cry.

How are you?

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