Tuesday, December 09, 2003

”Ali (sporting a grey fleece) hung back sullenly in the doorway to the auditorium, looking at his watch from first bell and tapping his foot impatiently.”
So records The Guardian on my minor news scoop. I was at the Almeida for the launch of a new project we are doing here at work and amongst the great canapés and after draining the excess wine from the reception bit of the evening, I looked up and spotted none other than Neil Kinnock at the Box Office. A bit later, Alasdair Campbell turned up; we watched and spied on them through the bottom of our wine glasses and then as they went into the auditorium, I scurried off to see my folks and immediately called Taxloss to tell him who I had spotted. With thanks to his journalistic sense of opportunism and a possible quick and easy remuneration, there it is in today’s paper – cheers!

In other news…have been invited to participate in a traditional Catalonia Christmas thing by friend from Barcelona. Makes Christmas logs seem even more unappetising, though as Prandial insisted last year when he found himself in that beautiful city, I'll be going along for the culture. Not for the scatological "treats," thanks but no thanks.

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