Tuesday, December 02, 2003

"I can see you!"
Some loosely connected words and phrases to summarise what has been going on since I last drenched this site with braindrool... incidentally, I am typing this in the office, waiting for a call and therefore still working and I'm watching the office pilates class take place on the floor around me with an intriguing set of props that includes a big foam sausage, some shiny squishy rubber balls and... lycra. Yep, it's that kind of office.

roast chestnuts and splinters under my thumbnails from extensive chestnut peeling but some really fucking great soup as the result
a gin-laden reunion with Velvet Goldmine who is heading evermore Brazil-ward
a v. generous and unexpected cheque / advance pay (yep, it's that kind of office) which I have been spending merrily with little regard for what will happen next month - well, I was so sick of being poor and sensible for so goddamn long, I am quite far beyond caring
another gin-laden reunion this time with Devukha during which we were given the surfeit canapes from a nearby party - I had a vol-au-vent for the first time in several years
Taxloss informing me that vol-au-vent means "death package" in French. I believed him. I am an idiot, yes, I know.
private view at the ICA
curry, gatecrashing a party and then drinking and drunken dancing with the Elite Drinking Force aka my postgradgirliefriends
improv at the comedystore with subeditors and Paul Merton
a fit of euphoric hysteria that led me to hide from Taxloss all the way home from the Comedy Store which included me ducking behind pillars and crouching behind cars, giggling madly as a bewildered and annoyed Taxloss stood looking for me. It was funny, especially when I slipped into the flat before him, hid in the bathroom and then leapt on him when he came in through the front door. Heh. It was funny. Really funny. Really.

and a variety of other things but I gotta run. More details available on any of the above, on request. Over and out.

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