Thursday, January 15, 2004

"So there I am, back of the cab, both of them got their laughing gear round my old single barrel pump action yoghurt rifle."
In bed, Taxloss turns to me and tells me he took the "Which Character from The Office are You?" and discovered he is Finchy. It's so wrong, I am still speechless. Finchy?


In the way these sort of TV-based personality tests lead you to thinking really deeply and analytically about yourself and friends, I thought about who I would be. Since my unpleasant experience at the Office of Doom, I am prone to thinking that I am Dawn but would like to be Jennifer, the no-nonsense boss of the unpleasant David Brent. I immediately went online and took the test this morning and was surprised by the result. Hmmm.

Tell me who YOU are in The Office.

In other news, I'm off to a new dance course and will be going in at a higher skill level. I am apprehensive but itching to jump around and fling myself about again. Woo, I say - with a faint quiver of nervous tension. Ice packs, bandages and paracetamol on standby.

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