Tuesday, February 24, 2004

"Another Hogwarts Christmas Special"
Huzzah! A second offering from the lurid and hectic imagination of Former Flatmate A, another Harry Potter fanfiction that features me quite prominently, a wonderful late Christmas present that is hopefully second in a long series of Harry Potter fanfictions that feature me prominently. Ooh. This is called a Mary Sue by the way, in the fevered and quite bizarre world of fanfiction - a self-gratifying story in an already established fictional world wherein the author features him/herself as the hero: kind of role-playing and literary masturbation. Sort of. A truly great and amusing read and many grateful hugs and snuffles to the author - so very fabulous and with great norks.

In other news, Taxloss and I sauntered off through the cold post-work last night to the luminous, glassy Channel 4 headquarters for the launch of Grand Designs - the magazine. A great night, meeting Taxloss work chums and drinking too many glasses of quite bad red wine and then, starving, wolfing down takeaway Indian food and passing out on the sofa in an untidy heap.
In other news, I have a new blog link! (see the column on the right). This is Deputy's online writing thang, a great lady with great and interesting thoughts: read and comment, I command you!

Update on the Vile Women situation: after a day working with them as they delivered a training course here, and after double-checking everything, making sure I had everything I needed to hand and so on, they sent in an invoice for their training fee. On a comp slip there were three words to address the "issue" (me) and show it had been resolved: "Hypatia was great!" Well, gee, thanks! If it wasn't for that really rubbish letter they had sent in that did nothing but upset me for three days, I'm sure I would have carried on in my crap and "hostile" way - thank god for their intervention and their efforts to improve the organisation?s staff, because if it wasn't for them, surely we'd all be in trouble. Yeah. Sure. I had a lot of encouragement during the day from everyone around me and a healthy round of laughter when the pitiful, self-congratulatory, patronising three-word comp slip came through; this may not be the last I see of them, but from now on, I've been reassured that I will see them less often. Good.

Slightly hungover. It's very cold outside. I'm hungry and I want to be curled up in bed with a Taxloss-shaped hot water bottle. I'd like a dog too, while I'm fantasising here. ::sigh:: It's time for a cup of tea and a good long look out of the window at nothing in particular. Toodles.

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