Friday, February 06, 2004

"Goldbrown upon the sated flood
The rockvine clusters lift and sway;
Vast wings above the lambent waters brood
Of sullen day.

A waste of waters ruthlessly
Sways and uplifts its weedy mane
Where brooding day stares down upon the sea
In dull disdain.

Uplift and sway, O golden vine,
Your clustered fruits to love's full flood,
Lambent and vast and ruthless as is thine

- Flood, James Joyce
A rather romantic and passionate way to describe the "in reality, quite unpleasant and mainly inconvenient" state of the office this morning. The toilets directly above where I sit have flooded and the result is now seeping onto my desk and all my paperwork. It is quite, quite horrid. And inconvenient. And doesn't smell very nice either. Bah.

However, I am feeling considerably calm and even-tempered today due to being far too temperamental and grumpy for the last month or so (it gets dull eventually, so I might give up and cheer up) and also, I had a fantastic dance class night. The regular teacher, who I've come to realise doesn't smile enough, was away and a different teacher took us for the session - and it was a really good class, much more active and challenging than I've gotten used to with the regular teacher. Interestingly, our replacement teacher had only been drafted in at short notice and was still going over notes for the class when we started arriving - and I think it was few sheets of handwritten movement notations - a very interesting set of squiggles and dashes and so on. Nice.

In other news: I really, really, really want a dog. For a day perhaps, maybe just an afternoon in the park or larking about in front of a log fire on a sheepskin rug - anything, as long as it is canine and preferably can shake my hand on command and has a super-waggy tail. Since our cat-sitting holiday in Amsterdam, I have a taste now for holiday pet romances, so any readers out there who own a cat or dog and needs someone to look after them for a short while - email me. Go on. Please. (NB. no rottweilers or Alsatians and definitely no pissed-off, angry cats with bad haircuts. Ooh, definitely not.

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