Friday, February 13, 2004

"No matter what, claim to be a s00per 31337 h4x0r d00d: that always goes over well."
Still angry. I realised yesterday over coffee with my bro that this complaint was written about the first time this woman met me. I believe there is a lot more she is complaining about in her little letter than just me – a filer monkey who makes the coffee and does the photocopying for her when she works with us. It makes her case worse, I think and I will point this out when I meet with superiors about it: she has given me no benefit of the doubt, no chance to get to know each other better and no opportunity to consider how new I am in writing this shitty little letter to my managers.

It is even clearer to me now that there is some other issue she is getting at through complaining about me - someone she has never met before and came into contact with for a maximum of two hours altogether on the day. It also points to the harshness of her judgement and the sense of some other criteria and influence on her criticism that she won’t disclose to us and so we are helpless to move this forward and get something useful out it all. I am embarrassed for her and her crony mate who also has decided to hate me and is no doubt drafting something now.

Oh. Still so very, very, very angry.

But moving on (still so very, very, very angry but menstrual too, so I will stop now before I foam at the mouth and start ranting in hormone-induced tongues): For the burgeoning writers frequenting this blog (most of you, I know) here’s a handy guide to how to write. Why was there no tuition in this at Cambridge? I feel ripped off – that no-good, cheapskate, wax0r univ3rsty. Grrr.

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