Tuesday, March 09, 2004

"Ooh, my head hurts..."
In between long stretches of sleeping and rolling around the flat aimlessly all of Sunday, I did spend some time grumbling along these lines. I had possibly *too* much fun at Taxloss' birthday bash which was fabulous and fantastic. I certainly had too much to drink and not enough to eat. But surely I should be used to that by now...

two amusing things I saw today: a gigantic green felt hand with a "no GM crops!" type slogan being carted around Victoria station during rush hour by white people with dredlocks and at lunchtime, a half-clouded over sky with half the sky a crisp and clear, clear blue and the other half grey and heavy with clouds. Through these clouds came the achingly beautiful sunlight breaking through in dramatic shafts. I'm about to throw myself on the office floor and push and pull myself through an hour of pilates (the little rubber balls are being inflated just behind my monitor much to my amusement...) so I'm off to ease the stiff back and neck brought on by my heavy weekend. Toodles until next time...

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