Friday, May 21, 2004

Try to learn more than Blackadder, who never learned more than three phrases in Swahili and one of those was 'do you do it doggy-doggy?' "
First of all CONGRATULATIONS to Boatie Flatmate who has a shiny new exciting job and a marvellous future ahead of him: well done, old chap! I shall be providing him with a monocle, dry martini and small, undeveloped Polynesian island with a population of 19 that has a chief export of extremely sharp mangoes and comedy palm-wine-containers-shaped-like-donkeys made from coconut shells. Huzzah!

Second of all congratulations on a lesser scale to Team Laser Explosion (Sundried, Fizzwhizz, Taxloss and me) for unexpectedly winning the pub quiz we unexpectedly entered on Wednesday night. We were hanging around on the pavement outside a crowded Soho pub, enjoying the evening sunshine laced with intense London air pollution, killing time before the film and when offered a multiple choice questionnaire and the chance to enter the pub quiz, we all thought "…yeah, why not?" Our name was the Weebl inspired Team Laser Explosion and we went romping home, winning the coveted "prize picked from an Everything for One Pound shop in Dalston." The tabletop adjustable mini-electric fan is now cooling the folk in a certain office block along the river Thames… Go Team Laser Explosion!

It is the end of May and almost beginning of June. We have had a few days of beguilingly nice weather. I think it is time for a barbecue. Barbecue suggestions to the usual place please – best ideas win an undercooked e-coli special sausage!

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