Saturday, July 24, 2004

"Whatever happened to the teenage dreeeeam?"
I'm currently idling away a sunny Saturday afternoon by sitting in my dark basement bedroom, mucking about online and listening to the best of Marc Bolan and T-Rex. What a top album, though I can't listen to it that often because it always makes me feel like I've not taken enough drugs in my youth. The Secret History by Donna Tartt has a similar effect and always makes me feel like I wasn't drug-addled, eccentric or snobby enough at university (though considering where I got my degree, I'm sure I did quite well just by being there) and reading too much Neil Gaiman (which I do more often than is good for me) makes me long for the days when I was a borderline Goth and I get all broody thinking of just how far I could have gone down that path of black lipstick and vampire conventions. *sigh*

Other things that have had a major influence on my lifestyle (sometimes embarrassingly):
Brideshead Revisited (book and TV adaptation)
Any Merchant Ivory film adaptation of E M Forster novels (the books less so)
the soundrack to the film Bend It Like Beckham (but not the film, I hastent o add)
Dorothy Parker - poems and short stories
the seemingly infinite store of slash fanfiction available online
blogs and bloggers
the Anne of Green Gables nine-book series (especially influential - disastrously - on ideas of dress-making and housekeeping)
Royal Court Theatre
physical theatre company Frantic Assembly
Nick Marber - the Food Doctor

Hmmm. And you?

Edited to add: one of the greatest influences on my lifestyle so far has got to be Taxloss who introduced me to the joys of loafing about and doing as little as possible and enjoying it. I've said it before about my luxurious loafing about: I learned from the best!

Now - who's turn is it to take out the rubbish?

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Anonymous said...

You are awesome for liking and listening to T.REX. I have every studio album plus rare and unreleased material by the bopping elf. Genius he was indeed.