Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Sister: "I'll be in the countryside for Christmas, ten adults and four kids alone with four dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, lots of chickens and lots of ducks..."
Cousin: "What?! You can't eat all of that!"
Oh. I love being Chinese.

Look! I have changed my blog template! It no longer changes colour! It no longer (hopefully) crashes your PC! It's all spots and dots! I've lost all my comments from the old template but I'm not being downcast - I think this is a key opportunity for everyone to leave new comments! Enough exclamation marks - but I'm pleased with the change which I have been considering in secret for the last few months and am enjoying the previous posts directory on the left.

I'm feeling buoyant with this latest news about aid for Asia post-tsunami:

"In the space of a week the UN has received promises of money from more than 45 countries - as well as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the EU - which amount to more than the total pledged for all other humanitarian appeals in 2004 combined, Jan Egeland, the UN emergency relief coordinator, told journalists."

Of course, this is only money pledged and yet to appear; I doubt the actual amount paid over will be nearly as high as that promised. I'm also concerned that aid for tsunami relief will deny other people and countries who need aid, as governments will move funds around to meet the amounts promised...but it's promising that so many people are so keen to help and though I'm upset by the scale of the disaster, I'm simultaneously uplifted by the scale of the compassion and generosity of so many people out there. I was pleased before the tsunami struck to hear that goats were so popular as Christmas presents this year. The kindness of strangers still has the capacity to surprise me.

In other news, I've made several resolutions for 2005:

1. Quit smoking. 3 days without so far and I'm not climbing the walls. Yet.
2. Watch The Exorcist. Have avoided it so far; will attempt it this year.
3. Cook lentils. As above.
4. Start and finish my play.
5. Go abroad.

There are others but I'm not discussing those here.

How are you?

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Planethalder said...

Yey, you're lookin good! Nice revamp.