Sunday, July 24, 2005

"Is this really the Museum of Ham?"
My last day in Madrid didn't start there; I was mincing to my Metro station with my little wheelie suitcase, trying not to cripple the folks on their way to work and doing my best not to look like a tourist when trying to work out how to buy a ticket. It was already very hot and I wanted some breakfast but had to get to Prandial before I could indulge. I made it to his part of town without any particular fuss and marvelled at how different the streets felt, like a different town altogether from the place I had just left. It made me think of London. We had breakfast then walked over to the big museum where I was overwhelmed and overjoyed to see all the artworks I had read so much about (in particular this one). I went back into the hot, dry, glaring noon time sun for adventures.

What did we do?
- We went to a flamenco school and fell under the spell of the dancers practising their stuff in their classes
- despite my companions' best efforts I was not at all distressed by the trotters, brains, testicles, hearts, intestines and... other on display in the market. I'm Chinese FFS, what did you think I would say when I saw that kind of thing?
- ate steak in a charcoal grill place, had beer and ham in my beloved Museum of Ham
- took a long, hot and slow walk to the Egyptian Temple via the Royal Palace
- took a trip around Atocha Station which seemed particularly important considering what had happened in London just a few days before and then got a taxi to the airport and went home.

Thanks to all who took the time to show me around - I wish I had had my full five days in a city that made me feel instantly comfortable and relaxed and kept my attention and imagination at every turn. I want to go back! I will! iClaro!

Hasta luego.

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Prandial said...

¡Hasta prontito! Glad to hear that you had such fun - and there shall be much and more fun very soon, si seƱora.