Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"So. Farewell then
You were the Theatre Museum"

I've started something I don't want to finish over at Londonist regarding the decision to close the Theatre Museum. I've not visited the Theatre Museum in years and can't think of anyone who has been at all. I wouldn't make a special trip to go there as I'd rather be doing something else in Covent Garden, like have a nice dinner with friends or go on a cocktails and shopping bender - but I'd make a detour to see what it had on show if I was at the V & A for something else. I'd be in a museums and exhibitions frame of mind if I was at the V & A, and I'd probably enjoy the Theatre Museum collection much more because of it.

Although I focused on performing arts, I covered a lot of museums and galleries work while at City University for my postgraduate course and it was fascinating stuff. I can feel bits of my brain stirring and I'm itching for a debate about museums and galleries, about location vs. environment, government subsidy and... stuff like that. C'mon. Fight me. I'm in the mood. Throw some punches here or over at Londonist.

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