Friday, October 20, 2006

"There's just too many of them! I look away, I look back and there's more..."

We got a new oven recently.

Our flat is very small.

We have lots of books.

Neither the old oven or the new oven could be moved through the corridor because our bookcases narrowed the path by too much.

So we moved about a third of our books off the shelves, moved the bookcases and hoped for the best.

In the picture you can see three bright yellow volumes - this is the Phaidon Design Classics Mr Hypatia Avenue contributed to. In amongst the pile is the London Collection for which he was one of four writers. All excellent presents for Christmas - to receive or to give. Order now. You won't be disappointed. A more detailed and annotated picture of the books is available here.

My favourite bit in the London Collection is the dedications page at the back: I'm there as Mrs Hypatia Avenue with whom Mr H.A looks forward to more adventures in our town. It's a lovely book, not just for the dedications page, and I urge you all to have one in your home or about your person at all times.

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Planethalder said...

What a fantastic photo - I know it must be rather inconvenient, but I get a frisson of excitement seeing all those books filling the hallway floor!