Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Top 10 Influential UK Blogs: No. 8 - Londonist"

A good piece of news: Londonist is in the top ten list of most influential UK blogs. It means a lot to me that we're considered one of the most influential blogs, by Technorati, no less - not best designed or funniest or quirkiest, but instead, its a matter of influence and effect. What we say on the site really sticks and we seem to be used as a point of reference quite often by people and institutions abroad: we are seen as a genuine London voice to a lot of people.

It's a responsibility the team takes very seriously and though we have a lot of fun keeping the site in motion, we know our duty towards our regular readers and we never copy and paste, we never cut corners, we never resort to cliche and the quick, slack, crap that gets thrown up, unedited and unplanned on so many other sites just doesn't happen to us. We won't let it happen to us. And our vigilance, our diligence and our care is beginning to be recognised. It's a good note on which to end a rather long and trying day. Congratulations to all, and in particular to Editro.

And... another sign of Londonist being adopted as the voice of London: I'm being interviewed by a Spanish radio station tomorrow afternoon, as food writer for the site. Bloody hell - I've only had two Spanish lessons and I'm going on air to southern Spain and the Balearics. Londonist: it rocks to read it and it rocks even harder to write for it.

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