Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"But what will you do once you've quit your job?"
Since Friday 27 April, the following has happened:

- I quit my job after 3.5 years and had a very drunken, hilarious leaving party. My colleagues gave speeches and lots of leaving gifts that made me realise how well they all they know me despite my best efforts to keep any interesting part of myself out of the office. Among the gifts were a world map of endangered animals, a map of 16th century Spain, a cactus, an envelope of used bank notes, a specially designed events evaluation form (my area of responsibility from day one on the job), a bag of pear drops and a book of days out in London.

- I have had my first ever professional back, shoulder and head massage and spent a day at the Porchester Spa. Hopped around between the sauna, steam room, icy plunge pool and lounge area, then left feeling cleansed and free and light. Then we went to the beautiful Bedouin restaurant nearby and replaced all the nasty toxins we had lost during the day and sat puffing away quite happily on a hubbly bubbly pipe. Absolute bliss. We're going to do it all over again, oh yes, we are.

- As of today, I am Co-Editor and Events Editor of Londonist.

- As of today, I am an aunt to a little girl who has just arrived in France. Congratulations to my sister and brother in law, and hello first grandchild in the family!

- I turned 27 and marked the day by being unemployed, lying in bed at 4pm with a family size bag of crisps, a glass of cold Muscadet and The Guardian, then prepared endives jambon for dinner, after which I fell asleep on the sofa, content and happy and a little bit older, in the arms of my husband while our Seinfeld DVDs played quietly in the background.

- It's just been confirmed: I'm one of three very lucky people to be accepted on to this year's Live Art Development Agency Critical Writing Initiative. I am so damn excited, this is an excellent opportunity to work with artists, established critcs and journals, publications, I get a grant to help with the costs of seeing performances and will very gratefully receive all the support and encouragement to get started on the road to professional criticism.

"But what will you do once you've quit your job?"

Darlings, I'm going to start LIVING...


Planethalder said...

Congratulations on leaving your job and on getting a place on Live Art UK! Hope you still keep writing here though!

Nick said...

Hurray! Congrats on finally being nominated to g o over the wire by the Escape Committee, and on the Live Art award! I'm really pleased for you.