Sunday, August 03, 2008

"I'm currently out of the office. I will respond to your query on my return on 5th August."

Meanwhile, here are some photos of what Hypatia did on her holidays. Food photography has been limited to 3 poorly lit pictures of an unusual square pizza as even the internet in its monstrous capacity to contain 99. 5 per cent of the world's inconsequential holiday photos cannot document all the was cooked, all that was eaten, all that was purchased to be eaten and what was plucked off the Triffid-like tomato plant and dropped on the terrace floor before it had a chance to be eaten.

A small but hopefully successful series of updates are scheduled for the Avenue so drop in again soon.

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Planethalder said...

Oh my goodness, Hyp. You tease me with a post after goodness knows how long and then it ends up being a very short one. Come back soon - I am a (temporary!) stay at home mum now with time on my hands until baby stops sleeping so much!