Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Happy on Hypatia Avenue No. 8: Being a Girl and Owning Lots of Make-up

It's fun to be a girl, but it does seem to involve owning lots of non-essential stuff. I rarely wear make-up and yet... I have 15 lipsticks. They're all roughly the same colour. I'm not fussy about brands. I don't seem to discriminate between the types of lipstick either - pencils, traditional twist-up tubes, those lipgloss-style things with the sponge tip wands, skinny lipstick, miniature lipsticks, colourful goo in pots. I've got a stash and they never see light of day except on special occasions. However, ask me to get rid of any of them and I will defend them like they are my first born children.

So here they are, having a moment to shine, in a photo on this blog as they will probably never have the chance to shine on my lips. God bless womanhood and all its mysterious, incomprehensible glory.

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