Monday, September 30, 2002


Started new job today and am quite pleased with everything. But slightly too overwhelmed to comment at the moment: there is an Avid editing suite, a Final Cut pro suite, a stack of ibooks and a whole room full of double monitored G4s, plus a few projects such as Women in Broadcasting and Into Action, a web and computer skill building project for asylum seekers and refugees. Caught myself drooling and had to slap my own wrist several times as I was led around the various media suites. I think I have discovered yet another Happy Place. As it is, I have a 9am start tomorrow and will have to face yet another BASTARD TUBE STRIKE in the evening and the following day - but even though I know I should get some rest, I still can't sleep.

Have tried counting sheep but I keep thinking of interesting ways to edit their leaps over the fence when I finally apply my itching fingers to the interesting bits of equipment I will be working with everyday from now on.

Baa. (Cut!)

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