Thursday, September 26, 2002


Last night I went to Mouse vs Supermouse?, a talk at the ICA (my current favourite place on earth) on the future of comic books with a panel that included Dave McKean, my very favourite artist ever. He is responsible for all the amazing and spooky Sandman covers and the artwork for other Neil Gaiman non-Endless graphic novels. However because of the BASTARD TUBE STRIKE I was stuck on a bus in a godawful traffic jame for the duration of the talk and only caught the 20 minute Q&A at the end. Got quite alot out of it but was not the same as actually having heard the debate. Bah.

Still, am on a break at the moment and in a super relaxed holiday mood so was surprisingly mellow about the whole thing. Ended up walking across a beautifully moonlit St James Park to see a friend in Victoria and ended up staying up all night watching The League of Gentlemen on DVD - the whole first series. Had a bottle of wine to myself and was unable to go home - which I couldn't do anyway because of the BASTARD TUBE STRIKE.

So, due to the BASTARD TUBE STRIKE I missed the best part of a talk I was really looking forward to but ended up having a great night, including several Royston Vasey induced dreams and a really very nice pizza. Funny how things work out, yah?

Watched the Simpsons, Buffy, Faking It Changed my Life and the first episode of the new League of Gentlemen series this evening. Sod achingly hip contemporary arts: TV, I love you. If it was legal and my family would accept it, I would marry the little TV set we have in our living room and quite happily spend all my time in bed, lying there, just watching it, like an old perv. No, married life wouldn't change me much, clearly...

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