Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I am currently listening to Zoe Ball on Xfm (a radio station I have just rediscovered and am really enjoying along with the late lounge on Jazzfm which seems to be a blip in their usual scheduling as it plays trendy chillout music at the perfect wind down hours between 11pm and 1am instead of the insane elevator music they seem to play during the day) and she is driving me insane. They've also just played Radiohead - some godawful headache-inducing, atonal crap from the unbelievably successful Kid A album - why? Why??? It's so deliberately unpleasant! It's so fucking self-indulgent! "We don't like tunes, because tunes are commercial and capitalist, so here' s an hour's worth of music to have a migraine to." Bleurgh. Must find something else to listen to as soundtrack to a day I am happily wasting by not doing very much at all.

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