Friday, October 11, 2002


This had me giggling all morning.Check out the Star Wars hand puppet film and the Lord of the Rings. As good as the Lego Lord of the Rings, but not as great as the re-enactments with childhood toys they used to do on the Adam and Joe show.

Can’t wait for November and December when I am allowed to become a raving HP/Ring-obsessed loon again. And there’ll be more Very Secret Diaries! More marvelling over how much the actors in HP have grown (and wondering just how long it is until they are legal…) more unlikely but nonetheless compelling slash pairings across both! More! More! More!

Went to the most amazing restaurant last night – the newly opened Sofra in Pimlico. Beautiful, elegant, tasteful surroundings, great staff, gorgeous (but tiny) bar area, excellent, excellent food – try the rose ice cream: fragrant and delicate. I could have happily tried everything on the menu but there’s only so far that stretch trousers can stretch.

Ahh… when will it ever be lunch?

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