Monday, October 14, 2002

Okay, this is the current wishlist of Things to See and Do…

Theatre: Peepshow by the amazing Frantic Assembly at the Lyric Hammersmith

Crazyblackmuthafuckin'self at the Royal Court

Film: Twins at the ICA

Mulholland Drive at the ICA

Talks:Stuart Hall and George Lamming at the ICA...hell, I wanna go to everything at the ICA...

Fucking enormous flowers:Blimey, this thing is unbelievably huge, and I just have to see it with my own eyes.
And just to balance all this high culture, I might go and see Lilo and Stitch cos I'm a sucker for bright and happy cartoons. And I'm still on a high from seeing My Fair Lady with Mama on Saturday, which was...brilliant. I struggle against admitting I loved a musical so much, being so high brow and all that, but by god, I had a good time. And while I'm slumming it in the world of arts and culture, I might try and catch another episode of Celebrity Fit Club. Is that a misspelling? Shouldn't it be Celebrity Fat Lardarse Crikey You're the Size of a Whale and You Sweat When You Chew You Disgusting Tubby C-list Talentless Timewasting Scum Club? Hmm?

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