Tuesday, October 22, 2002

...I can't hear you, because my ears have decided to go the way the rest of my head has gone and have filled themselves up somehow with unwanted fluids. Oh, dear friends, the pressure is so strong in my poor little stuffy head that I think if it was to increase, my dear little shoes would indeed be blown off in a catastrophic example of What Happens When Your Body Decides to Make More Mucus Than It Knows What to do With: It Explodes.

Would it be unwise to have a cigarette to soothe my jangling, frayed nerves, pushed as I am to the end of my patience as I sit here watching the clock, waiting to go home? I know it will only make things worse but I need to smoke... ::mopes::

Would it be very unwise to take a vacuum cleaner to my nose to undo the blockage that is threatening to suffocate me? It's tempting, I must say, especially as the office cleaner has just come by with a very snazzy looking new Hoover...

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