Monday, November 04, 2002

So, the Avenue was mentioned in an MA class in the North, and held up as a shining example of what happens when a girl gets a blog and what she does with it. Mainly this: moaning about how I am feeling at the moment. And at the moment, I am feeling a little hungover. Not catastrophically, green-faced, about to puke and start gibbering in agony hungover (but prepare yourselves for an outpouring when I am in the throes of one such hangover - verbal or otherwise). Today, I am feeling merely delicate and tired with a restless tummy. It's a beautiful bright autumn day which I can't appreciate because the outdoors seems a little too bright, and I can't concentrate very well. 'Tis a pastel coloured hangover, I've decided: I feel fine except for a hint of greenness.

::sighs: How was I to know that wine with a meal would lead to this? Hmm? I would have stopped after the first bottle and saved myself this vague but insistent discomfort.

::sighs again but louder::

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