Tuesday, November 05, 2002

I have been the proud owner of Donna Tartt's latest novel The Little Friend since Thursday, and it is a novel which I have been waiting for nearly 7 years, as I discussed in a rather nostalgic and over-sentimental Proustian entry previously. It's a slow burner and it's coming along nicely but goddamn it, it's a feckin enormous hardback and I can barely read it lying in bed when I'm stationary and relaxed, let alone dragging it around on the Tube in an inadequately sized handbag. As it is, I'm still on Chapter 2.

Instead, I've been reading Metro alot and getting ideas for the Tube party - I've narrowed down my costume options to: Leaves on the Line or Signal Failure. Have been researching trees and leaves on the web and particularly liked this one. But I got a bit stuck on signal failure; it's certainly a curious thing...

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