Tuesday, January 07, 2003

"It's snow, isn't it Neil?" (Pause) "No Vivian, it's risotto." - from The Young Ones, the episode when the housemates are very poor and are forced to improvise with their foodstuffs
It's very definitely snow - it's cold, wet and very pretty. Our part of London looks suddenly very pure and clean and picturesque, which is deceptive because it's really the land where a crackden and a rubbish tip come together to spawn a drug-addled vista of unkemptness. It has, also, made my extraordinarily cold room a veritable deep-freeze chamber. When I awoke from my icy, drink induced, farewell to Prandial, good luck in your new country, we'll miss you lots, keep in touch sleep, I had to knock a thin layer of frost from the top surface of my duvet. It would be wise to mention this to my landlord, but then he is likely to mention back to me my complete lack of rent.

So I'll be putting a jumper on over my nightie tonight. Ho-hum.

In other news: the Sci-Fi London Film Festival is starting on Jan 30! And there'll be an anime all-nighter! Hours and hours and hours of scantily-clad school-girls being attacked and seduced by interestingly drawn aliens! Incomprehensible and untranslatable Japanese jokes! Endless scenes of people shouting at each other where one person will get angry and their head will suddenly fill the screen and big blue sweat drops explode off their temples! Can't wait. Who's coming?

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