Monday, January 06, 2003

"...Did you ride his throbbing man-prong until the stars burst behind your eyes?"
Oh, this is still so much fun. Feel free to use the comments section below to add to our growing compendium of drooling soft-focus Channel Five quality sensuous commentary. However, "man-milk" and "gloopy, irridescent baby-batter" are now deemed over-used, so please avoid if possible. With thanks to August Dangerlove for the filthy man-prong and the countless other naughty words and phrases - have a pickled egg for your troubles.

BTW, to whoever changed my comments link below to read "poseurs" - fuck off. And also thank you: as enetation seems to be having a good run at the moment (though I've probably jinxed it to crash and burn all year by typing this), you've given me lots of ideas as to how to customise my comments link. Whoever you are ( and I think I know who it is *cough*BigBrother*cough*), you've inspired more inventive ways to vent my time-wasting brain dribble. Which, if it is the person I think it is, was completely not your point. Oh, I do enjoy irony, don't you?

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