Thursday, January 09, 2003

"Now tuck your heels under yourself and lean back onto your forearms. Stretch the neck as you go back, expanding the chest, pushing your hips forward and breathe in..."
...said the yoga teacher yesterday. Went bolting across town to make it in time to the class with Flatmate A and burst in on an oasis of dimly lit calm. We stretched and "ohmmmed" and arched and tensed/relaxed and held and breathed and realigned our chakras, all under the restful voice of the instructor, in the dim glow of the darkened room. This is the first prolonged exercise I've had since summer 1999 - and it didn't even hurt! Am most amazed. Will be back next week, for sure.

In other news, does anyone remember the Hippopotamousse adverts from our (mid-80s) childhood? A hippo reference today ( no connection to the width of my thighs or overall dress size actually) made me recall it and have been wondering all day if I am just making up the memory of a big, blobby pink cartoon hippo in a tutu leaping in and out of tubs of the pink, fluffy dessert. I certainly don't remember eating any of this stuff. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Anyone? Hello?