Friday, January 10, 2003

"Oh! Clock!
Why do you mock
Me so?

Such a shock
That despite tick-tock
I still have an hour to go."

Some heinous poetry to pass the time until I am free of the bonds of work. Apologies, my most profuse and sincere apologies...

Speaking of bonds, however, how bizarre is this news item on the hostage situation in Hackney? I've been following it agog since Christmas - the blue plastic bag of food being hauled up through a window, the negotiators trying to keep the panic out of their voices, the bulletproof vests, the cordon around the whole area, neighbours trapped in (or out) of their homes and the dramatic escape of the traumatised hostage himself... the fire was the most exciting bit to watch, in a sick kind of compelling-car-crash-can't take-eyes-off-it, pass-the-ketchup kind of way. Well, they don't call it human drama for nothing. ::scoffs popcorn unabashed::

We really need a prequel to understand what the hell was happening in this chapter. And by the way, he dies in the end. Hmmm.

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