Thursday, January 16, 2003

"Oh, fall on me, press on me, splash on me like the crashing waves of the sea, let your tumultuous passion tumble like the pull of the tides, let your unleashed virile longing spray me with your salty ocean spume!”
I should be writing up the procedures for all our shiny new equipment and arranging the start of the next course for Monday but I'm far too caught up in expanding my cache of badly phrased, mild 'n' tender, softly, softly erotica. Still, I'm working through the weekend (9am on a Saturday and Sunday! Holy mother of god, surely I didn't volunteer for this! I suspect I was drugged and / or hypnotised into agreeing to this absurd staff rota...) and can catch up with "work" then. In the meantime, I will allow myself to indulge my drooling prose and let my imagination run damply across the keyboard...

In other news, I am tentatively and hypothetically considering living in other parts of London. What areas are recommended for a) spacious living b) security c) reasonable rent d) good transport links and e) nice places to shop, eat and/or drink that *don't* involve fried chicken, All Bar One, Wetherspoons or open-fronted halal butchers. Suggestions to the usual place, much appreciated, yahyahyah.

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