Sunday, February 16, 2003

"Hmmmm.... Say that I affactionately refer to him as 'fucknut' ."
August D on wanting me to refer to his "nut-eating beardy yoga freak" friend on the Avenue. I had my reservations initially, but I just had to have the word "fucknut" on this blog.



In other news, I slept through the Anti-War march today. I didn't mean to, but I did. It was fascinating to see just how many people were out there, showing their support for *not* going to war - and all kinds of people too (unless the tv crews were deliberately compiling shots of the "diversity" of the event). *Nobody* wants war - so why is it so frickin' inevitable? Because one redneck with an itchy trigger finger (and the champagne socialist whose mouth is clamped firmly to his warmongering cock) has a Daddy complex and wants to relive the glory days of bombing the fuck out of people and ensuring everyone knows just who has the best pencilcase in the schoolyard. I can't bear the justifications the Blair/Bush combo keep offering as reasons to go to war; even the most transparent and blatantly false reasons ar dispensed as gospel, as hard to believe in and yet held to as faithfully as words from God's book.
I keep recalling the amazing one-off Newsnight program wherein Tony Blair was facing a panel of ordinary people from Gateshead who were all questioning him about the impending and "inevitable" war - and he just couldn't answer the questions. I actually felt embarrassed for him because there was so little he could say or do to convince anyone in the room, or at home, that war is 1) inevitable 2) good 3) of any use to us as the UK or as part of the slightly larger organisation called the World. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we need a leader who is willing to get off his knees and take that Yankee cock out of his mouth, wipe the cash-tinged oil mist from his eyes and get to grips with the idea that in the 21st century there are more sophisticated and convenient ways to get what you want than by going into a country and killing all the people there while simultaneously putting at risk all the people who only a few years ago had enough faith in him to *choose* him for leadership.

Gosh, that was a bit of war-blogging slipping out accidentally; I've deliberately avoided it so far. Nonetheless, the city is filled with anti-war sentiment at the moment and it's seeped in here - no apologies.

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