Thursday, February 20, 2003

"I will go where I am wanted, where there's room for one or two,
And the men are none too many for the work there is to do;
Where the standing line wears thinner and the dropping dead lie thick;
And the enemies of England they shall see me and be sick."
- A. E Housman, The New Mistress, from A Shropshire Lad
And I wanted to read some poetry to cheer myself up in the midst of all this war talk. I've now got images of all the places in the world where "the dropping dead lie thick" - I may not be able to sleep tonight.

In other news: I've finally discovered what a Blackberry looks like. This little gadget has been a mystery to me since I heard its praises sung in a LiveJournal - I just couldn't figure out how this thing worked until Big Bro pointed out that it was a wireless device. I'd been imagining some kind of PDA with email capability that still required being hooked up to a main computer that was online, dependent on downloading stuff into it, dealing with it all offline and in a mobile fashiopn and then docking it with the main computer again to send stuff online. BUT - I now know it's a kind of hiptop thing and all the raving about the joys of emailing while walking through the park and doing the laundry suddenly made sense. Ideal for mobile blogging if you can upload new entries via email, so I was particularly gratified to finally see what the hell this thing actually did and what it looked like.

Fascinating. No, really; I find it fascinating.

It was a quiet day in the office and I was all alone in the flat this evening, okay? Pheh.

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